Henkie Mulder – Drums

At het age of 7, I was totally into Karate. Then Queen came along to play the soundtrack to my endeavors and immediately, Karate felt like what “karate” means: a most beautiful and respectful craft, nevertheless for me at that time an “empty hand”. This was the moment to get a grip on something more than chopsticks, which are fine for food but could not bring me a thunder so loud that the gods would notice me. I had to be a Rock drummer!

My Rock’n Roll started with Pots’n Pans and sacrificing furniture for the art and when ‘really old guys’ around the age of 30 knocked on my mother’s door to meet with the 11 yo drummer in the house, she took matters into her own hands and: bought me my first professional drum kit! Eternally grateful and with the unceasing help of Judas Priest, AC/DC and Motörhead, I quickly returned the favor with neighborhood interaction in a radius well beyond 10 kilometers…

After a couple of years and bands, the sheer refinement and finesse of an 18 yo roaring bowl of testosterone got the attention of one Henky Backer and he invited me to join a band called SWORD. There they sculpted me into the ‘Rammstein’ long before die Deutsche Welle even reached amoeba state.

We were riding the Heavy Metal rollercoaster to the extreme in the eighties, with all the bells and whistles. We shared so much fun in many places with so many people, more than I can thank in my lifetime. Everything seemed, as it ought to be. That is… until the end in 1992.

Now this détente has come to an end and we’re back! Back to reminisce a bit and fire up some old wood, but mostly to enjoy today with as many as we can, bringing also new stuff and a killer team consisting of the unbreakable G-string Henky Backer, Low Rider Arwin Vergers, Voxy Rick Ambrose, Yours truly and YOU!!

Henkie “Rammstein” Mulder


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Vietnam Requiem
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AC/DC – Back IN Black
Judas Priest – Unleashed In The East
Queen – Queen II
Rush – 2112


Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger
Queen – Killer Queen
The Pretenders – Brass in Pocket
All classical pieces


As Good As It Gets
Saving Privat Ryan
Grand Canyon
Fried Green Tomatoes


Simon van het Reve – De Avonden, een Winterverhaal
Stephen Peters – Slagveld Central Park
J. Bernlef – Hersenschimmen
Remco Campert – Divers




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