Nico Perreijn – Vocals

Being a product of my parents joy in the sixties, I was bound to ‘strike a note’, so to speak. At least a musical note, that is. I fell prey to the outgoing glam rockers of the seventies (THE SWEET, ALICE COOPER and CHEAP TRICK in particular) and was always attracted to music with a ‘roughening guitar edge’, of which IRON MAIDEN is kind of imprinted in my ears by now.

Mid eighties, I started my chain of Bands’nProjects under elusive names like MYSTERY, R.I.P., POWERSLAVE, FORBIDDEN IMPERIUM, and many more. Somewhere down the line in the early nineties I met Henky Backer. With the band HEJUH (if you’re not from Leiden, don’t even try to make sense of this name) I opened for JEWEL a couple of times. As if it were a twist of fate: like JEWEL, HEJUH also called it quits in 1992. Then came an era of several projects with kind of a theme in playing Iron Maiden covers and of course blasting original material with WRECKING CREW.

Speaking of twists: In 2012 I bought two guitars from Bert ‘Foxx’ Ettema (former guitarist of ANGUS) and months later I joined ANGUS for their 2013 Greek tour. Later I learned that one of these two guitars once belonged to Henky Backer…. go figure. Yes, Netherlands is indeed a small country, but by now the Nico-Henky connection is slipping into the ‘meant to be’-category and so it feels!

I’m enjoying every minute of my time with JEWEL, which is quite easy, given our freight train Henkie “Rammstein’ Mulder (who makes Thor look like ‘just a guy with a hammer’), Henky Backer (with his still ongoing passionate and almost violinesque abusing of his Moderne guitars) and Arwin Vergers (who lays such a creamy and pumping bottom end, that if he were a girl, that bottom would have us all perpetually distracted).

Yes, I hear you: I’m a lucky guy! And for as long as the Gods won’t have me, I will make it my mission to share my luck with you all, because: all true Metal Heads, up or off stage, on- or offline, young and old, deserve it! We will prevail!




Microphone: handheld metal
Amplifier: whatever is brought in
Pedals: no room for them between those of Henky and Arwin
Tuner: Sancerre

Other bands

Wrecking Crew
Maid of Iron

Your favorite Jewel song(s)

Circle of dispair

Your biggest guilty pleasure

Partying with to much alcohol




Iron Maiden – Piece Of Mind
Queensrÿche – The Warning
Sweet – Desolation Boulevard
Sweet – Greatest Hits


Queensrÿche – take hold of the flame
Iron Maiden – Strange World
Sweet – The Sixteens
Harry Nilsson – Without You
Sweet – Done Me Wrong Allright


Clint Eastwood – Dirty Harry
Clint Eastwood – Magnum Force
Clint Eastwood – The Enforcer
Clint Eastwood – Sudden Impact
Clint Eastwood – The Dead Pool


Roel Dijkstra
The Story of Dave Mustaine
Biograpgy Iron Maiden
The Story of The Sweet





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